Waterfall Access Networks, or simply WAN, operates as a carrier neutral Open Access Network (OAN), facilitating fibre line rental access to Internet Service Providers (ISPs) within Waterfall City.

WAN provides support and maintenance to the OAN network in accordance with industry relevant service-level agreement (SLA) requirements, requirements, the details of which can be made available on request.

Open Access

WAN is an Open Access Network (OAN) operator. This means that any acknowledged Internet Service Provider (ISP) who has an agreement with WAN can gain access to and use our network infrastructure in Waterfall, within the agreed to and prescribed WAN commercial and technical parameters.

Carrier Neutral

WAN does not essentially operate as an ISP, but as an Open Access Network (OAN) line rental company; our network does not allow for privileges to certain isolated ISP’s, but rather an equal opportunity and ‘playing field’ for all recognized and registered ISP’s to provide their services over WAN.

Cutting-edge Infrastructure

WAN has brought in some of the world's best cutting edge networking technologies through Zhone GPON, an acknowledged global leader in Fibre access transformation. Due to this, our network is geared to deliver some of the fastest transfer rates in Africa.